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Saturday, February 25, 2012

{PW Layered Salad}

During my menu planning last week (and first week at cooking my way through The Pioneer Woman Cooks) I got a little distracted by items on the PW blog.  That's when I found her recipe for Layered Salad.  I remembered a friend making it for an event and decided to reduce the batch for dinner that night.  Doesn't it look delicious!?

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It has all sorts of tasty ingredients like bacon, eggs, cheese, green onions and tomatoes.  I love how she displays ingredients in her blog posts so you are drooling before you even get to the cooking/assembly of the recipes.  Did I mention that I may have to take up regimented exercise with my cookbook challenge?

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And if you need a little additional help in the kitchen, all of her recipes are shown step by step in both the book and her blog.

I decided that I would keep all of the recipes unchanged as I made them, but I did tweak this slightly by using her homemade ranch dressing instead of the basic dressing from the recipe.  It was delicious!  It makes for a great presentation which is why it is popular for potlucks.

I also made a fresh batch of bread in my bread machine to go with the salad.  I found it online and it is actually called "The Best Bread Machine Recipe" and I'm a believer.  Recipe to come!

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